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Focusing on modern techniques of transurethral surgery from en-bloc resection, new imaging technologies, to new generation equipment, this masterclass will cover all aspects of NMIBC management.

You can expect stimulating discussions on current perspectives on tumour classification; cooperation between urologist and pathologist; patients’ stratification; and various diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

Coupled with educational semi-live and live surgeries, this masterclass aims and guarantees your optimal learning.


The scientific programme of this masterclass will soon be available.


Meet the faculty
J. Palou
Course Director
M. Babjuk
Course Director
M. Rouprêt
Chairman ESOU
E. Liatsikos
Chairman ESU
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Selection criteria when applying for this masterclass:

The number of representatives per country is a factor in the selection.
To offer equal opportunity to participate in this masterclass, the number of representatives per country will be limited.

An EAU membership is mandatory.
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Application is on a first-come, first served basis.
To guarantee optimal learning, each masterclass will accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.

Priority is given to those who did not participate in a previous masterclass (this year).

What others say about this masterclass

Dr. Rik de Jongh (NL)
“It was a very good masterclass. I wanted to learn more about en-bloc resection of bladder tumours and the various techniques such as incision electrode, loop and laser. The tips and tricks given during the procedures were very useful. We received the latest updates in the field of NMIBC and the opportunity to observe practical techniques during the live surgeries. The interaction between the faculty and the participants was friendly and productive during the lectures, operations and case presentations.”

Dr. Alexei Plesacov (MD)
“I think all of the topics covered by the masterclass were necessary. My favourites were the presentation of Prof. Babjuk “Endoscopic diagnosis of bladder cancer, strategy and technique of TURB (separate resection, en-bloc)”; the management of TURB complications; complications of intravesical treatment and their management…The en-bloc resection of the urinary bladder is the most contemporary technique at the moment, and the en-bloc laser resection is the technique I am currently interested in. I look forward to being to apply the technique soon.”

Dr. Skander Zouari (TN)
“I wanted to know about en-bloc resection using photodynamic diagnosis, narrow-band imaging, and IMAGE S1 and the lectures and live surgeries covered these. For me, the experience was a blast.”

Dr. Emanuela Altobelli
“The emphasis on the en-bloc resection of the bladder tumour and correct selection of the adjuvant treatment were the highlights of this masterclass. There were outstanding demonstrations of en-bloc resection using various devices during the live surgeries, and detailed lectures on intravesical treatment options and new promising methods. The practical approach in the management of complications encountered in daily clinical practice, the superb presentations, the friendly atmosphere and the riveting debates were noteworthy elements of the NMIBC masterclass.”

Dr. Joana Do Carmo Silva
“If you enjoy learning about bladder cancer and are interested in new trends, technologies and techniques, then this masterclass is for you. I especially liked the live surgeries using new diagnostic and resection techniques such as NBI, PDD, laser and en-bloc resection. Clinical case discussions and management of complications were among my favourites. There was a good balance between theoretical and practical aspects. Interaction with the speakers and other delegates led to rewarding and interesting discussions.”

Dr. Tim Muilwijk
“My highlights of the NMIBC masterclass were the excellent updates on intravesical treatment options and their indications; BCG failure and further treatment options for the patients. These gave valuable insights in newer and older therapeutic options. The masterclass provided an exemplary update on all recent developments in the field and an overview of what to look forward to.”

Dr. Bruno Jorge Pereira
“It was an immersive and extensive NMIBC masterclass. The masterclass was well-organised, and the faculty members were well-selected and conducive to participation and brainstorming. Even if you know a lot about NMIBC and how to manage it, and you consider yourself an expert in TURBT, this masterclass is nonetheless a unique opportunity to refresh your expertise and improve your knowledge. There are always some tips and tricks that one can change in routine practice which benefit NMIBC patients.”

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