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Focal Therapy (FT) is a promising treatment option aimed at improving the management of localised prostate cancer.
This masterclass will provide you with an extensive review of the rationale for FT, the patient selection modalities and the available
energy sources (HIFU, Cryo, IRE, Laser, Brachytherapy). Gain further knowledge and better understand the FT benefits.

Explore its applicability to customize patient treatments according to cancer characteristics.
Examine the pre-recorded videos to learn more about the specific treatment steps for each energy source.
Ask the experts and receive advice on how to perform FT according to best practices.

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Meet the faculty
E. Barret
Course Director
A.S. Gözen
Course Director, Chairman ESUT
Georg Salomon
G. Salomon
Course Director, Chairman ESUI
E. Liatsikos
Chairman ESU
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Selection criteria when applying for this masterclass:

The number of representatives per country is a factor in the selection.
To offer equal opportunity to participate in this masterclass, the number of representatives per country will be limited.

An EAU membership is mandatory. 
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Application is on a first-come, first served basis.
To guarantee optimal learning, each masterclass will accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.

Priority is given to those who did not participate in a previous masterclass (this year).

What others say about this masterclass

Dr. Arben Belba (IT)
“I decided to apply for the masterclass to improve my knowledge on each different FT options. I was interested in improving my skills in performing the fusion biopsy of the prostate. The multidisciplinary panel of international experts and the hands-on training sessions were my other reasons for joining the masterclass. I must say, the masterclass completely satisfied my expectations.”

Dr. Marc Hofmann (CH)
“My masterclass highlights were highly-informative presentations such as those by Prof. Moore, the hands-on training, meeting other delegates from all over the world and discussing with them how they apply FT in their local practice.”

Dr. Dmitry Enikeev (RU):
“My overall impression is positive. The information offered was easy to understand and accessible. I especially liked the multidisciplinary approach when the MRI specialist and the morphologists shared their views. The cordial vibe of the masterclass encouraged good, open communication. To future participants – novice and experienced surgeons – I say to them, this masterclass is definitely worth their time!”

Dr. Cristina Redondo (ES):
“Focal therapy is the future in the treatment of PCa. Technological advances and multidisciplinary interaction between urologists, radiologists and pathologists will allow better understanding of patients’ needs, personalisation and optimisation of treatments. The masterclass provided a good review of the novelties in FT through discussions of various concepts and criteria exchange among experts. As a result, the masterclass became an exemplary learning tool for participants.”

Dr. Matteo Manfredi (IT):
“I highly recommend attending this masterclass. I had big expectations from the start and I can honestly say, all of them were met. I appreciate the comprehensive lectures on FT management and the collaboration among urologists, pathologists, and radiologists. The live surgeries were impressive and helpful to urologists like me who don’t practice it yet in their hospitals. To personalise FT à la carte, experts at the masterclass reported a novel concept: selection of an energy modality based on its limitations, complication profile and intraprostatic cancer location.”

Dr. Amir Arbab (IR):
“The main highlight of the masterclass was the optimisation of PCa treatment while reducing major complications. The delivery of contemporary FT updates, overall learning atmosphere, and the programme as a whole were excellent.

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