Why you should attend this masterclass

Fine-tune your skills and broaden your knowledge in this masterclass, where relevant minimally-invasive alternatives for BPO treatment will be unveiled.

New expert techniques
Gain valuable insight on the latest techniques on new minimally-invasive procedures for BPO through theoretical and practical sessions.

Individual mentorship
Modules on instrument handling and hands-on training on dedicated stations enable our mentors to provide you guidance and skills assessment.

Live surgeries and brainstorming
Deliberate with fellow experts, and examine live surgeries and recordings of actual cases to assess current approaches and stimulate new ones.


Meet the faculty
A.S. Gözen
Course Director, Chairman ESUT
E. Liatsikos
Chairman ESU
Check your eligibility

Selection criteria when applying for this masterclass:

The number of representatives per country is a factor in the selection.
To offer equal opportunity to participate in this masterclass, the number of representatives per country will be limited.

An EAU membership is mandatory.
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Application is on a first-come, first served basis.
To guarantee optimal learning, each masterclass will accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.

Priority is given to those who did not participate in a previous masterclass (this year).

What others say about this masterclass

Dr. Vasile Buda (FR)
“The masterclass has enabled me to gain familiarity with various approaches and surgical techniques for BPO…I was very interested on the focus on prostate enucleation techniques. I also graduated from a formation programme on HoLEP and I intend to implement it in my clinical practice. The variety of enucleation techniques (e.g. en bloc, 3 lobs, done with holmium laser, Greenlight laser or with bipolar) caught and held my attention. There were a lot of possibilities demonstrated so that our patients can benefit from enucleation advantages.”

Dr. Othman Al-Zaidy (IQ)
“The beauty of the masterclass is that within two days, all aspects of BPO management were covered. It helped me further understand the possible complications and how to manage them efficiently…I’ve learned about the bipolar mechanical enucleation of the prostate. This procedure is cost-effective as no laser machine is needed. One can resect the prostate after enucleation without the need for a morcellator. I also learned about the UroLift procedure during the masterclass. My special thanks to the ESU and to team of local organizers.”

Dr. Bohdan Bidovanets (UA)
“For me, the most prominent highlights of the masterclass were the newest UroLift and iTIND techniques, and the operative management of BPO along with use of antiaggregants/anticoagulants.”

Dr. Alexandru Iordache (RO)
“It was a very interesting meeting and I am now sure that all information provided will increase the quality of patient care and also my skills and professional expertise. I think all of us had a good time in Heilbronn due first to our host Prof Rassweiler.”

Dr. Zhivko Siromahov (BG)
“The masterclass was really useful for me. I think that SLK Kliniken is a perfect venue for the Masterclass. This kind of event is a wonderful place for young urologists like me. We can meet each other and we can learn a lot. The lectors and the operators are really good teachers. Their presentations were great!”

Dr. Aleksandar Spasic (HR)
“During this stay, I resolve some doubts that I had regarding endourology procedures and the impression is that much greater because the meeting was organized at the expert level and with the technologies that are the future of Urology. Beautiful town and hospitality. Thank you.”

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