Why you should attend this masterclass

Field experts designed this masterclass to offer a comprehensive theoretical, practical and hands-on training to surgeons who want to master and update his/her stone-management practice. Learn more about the complications and troubleshooting in stone surgery,

and special management of demanding cases. This masterclass will emphasise on the metabolic evaluation of urolithiasis, indications, new technologies, and tips and tricks for the most commonly employed operations; and offer several highly-informative semi-live surgeries and hands-on training.

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E. Liatsikos
course director, chairman ESUT
A. Skolarikos
course director
J. Palou
Course Director, Chairman ESU
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Selection criteria when applying for this masterclass:

The number of representatives per country is a factor in the selection.
To offer equal opportunitiy to participate in this masterclass, the number of representatives per country will be limited.

An EAU membership is mandatory. 
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Application is on a first-come, first served basis.
To guarantee optimal learning, each masterclass will accommodate a maximum of 40 participants.

Priority is given to those who did not participate in a previous masterclass (this year).

What others say about this masterclass

Dr. Sven Nikles (HR)
“I applied because the masterclass offered hands-on training. I wanted to try new devices in stone surgery. Also as my interests lie in PCNL and RIRS, I was glad to know that there were many topics covering these in the scientific programme…It was also great to know about the pros and cons of different approaches from the experts. I was amazed to see how they defended these stone treatment approaches with great conviction. Prof. Traxer had an excellent lecture on the various types of stones and the ways to treat them and this led to lively discussions.”

Dr. Ralf Veys (BE)
“The masterclass had broad coverage of flexible URS, ECIRS, PCNL and medical management of urolithiasis. And renowned speakers shared their valuable insights and expertise.”

Dr. Anastasia Polykarpova (RU)
“The masterclass was an enlightening experience for me and my colleagues. Many interesting topics were covered and presented and it enriched what I know. The new information I’ve acquired will be included in my PhD work. In my opinion, the main feature of the masterclass was the hands-on training. It was a great opportunity to try different ureteroscopes under expert supervision and guidance. I received plenty of advice, tips and tricks. Words can’t really describe how thankful I am and how motivated I feel after participating in this masterclass. I highly recommend it to young urologists!”

Dr. Paul Soava (FR)
“For me, the highlight of the masterclass was the live PCNL regardless of the technical options employed by various surgeons. It was a great opportunity to see the masters at work, get their insights and brainstorm with them. Another advantage of this masterclass is to be able to clarify some less obvious aspects of stone surgery to achieve a clearer insight and get the details right. I am very grateful to have been a part of this masterclass. It answered questions I never knew I had.”

Dr. Sani Raji Aminu (GB)
“The masterclass was concise and well organized with a good balance between lectures and live/video demonstrations. It offered excellent opportunities to learn about varied techniques from different lecturers. My message to those who will participate next year is to come with an open mind and to listen well.”

Dr. Vlad Pantea (DE)
“What I appreciate about the masterclass is that we can talk directly to the faculty and ask them questions. They were engaging and interested in explaining things to us. Overall, the atmosphere was informal and relaxed. The programme included numerous live and semi-live surgeries. To those who are interested in going to this masterclass, I say to them that it’s definitely worth attending!”

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