Why you should attend this masterclass

The ESU-Weill Cornell Masterclass in General urology is a collaborative programme between the European School of Urology and Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Designed for young urologists with an academic profile, this week-long masterclass is a high-level programme on general urology.


The programme includes state-of-the-art lectures, case discussions and laparoscopic hands-on training.

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Meet the faculty
E. Liatsikos
Course Director, Chairman ESU
P. Schlegel
Course Director
W. Aulitzky
Chairman AAF
Check your eligibility

Application procedure
Please check carefully if you have to apply through the ESU office or through the AAF:

Applicants located in the following countries must apply through the Salzburg Stiftung der AAF (The American Austrian Foundation).

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Czech Republic

Applicants from all other countries must apply through the ESU office.

Selection criteria

  • An EAU membership is mandatory
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  • The number of representatives per country is a factor in the selection.
    To offer equal opportunity to participate in this masterclass, the number of representatives per country will be limited.
  • Application is on a first-come, first served basis.
    36 participants will be selected. Priority is given to those who did not participate in a previous masterclass (this year).

Cancellation of the registration should be notified to the ESU office as well to the Salzburg Stiftung der AAF office in writing prior to the meeting.

What others say about this masterclass

Dr. Abisola Oliyide (GB)
“The discussions from the lectures were rich with diverse insights and experience of both the faculty and the fellows…The case presentations by the fellows were very enlightening as these showed that although management of the same condition may differ per country (based on expertise, technology and experience available), the overall goal was to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient…I found the lecture “Ablative therapies for renal cancer” interesting as these therapies are not routinely offered at the centre back home. I was able to gather a lot of information based on the expertise of the faculty.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to be in Salzburg, gain new friends, and improve my clinical practice with insights one cannot simply find in just any literature. I highly commend the faculty and staff for the seamless organization of the masterclass. I have learned a lot from the highly-experienced faculty who were willing to share their knowledge, tips and tricks.” Read Dr. Oliyide’s full report here.

Dr Wally Mahfouz (EG)
“The masterclass was not only compact and concise but also provided updates. The interactive discussions encouraged the participants to comment and actively join the discussions. The faculty members were not only cordial but also responded to every question that was asked. Oncological topics included renal tumors, prostate, testicular and penile cancers and genomics. Andrology topics included male infertility and male sexual dysfunctions.”

Dr Remigius Andrew (TZ)
“Participating in this masterclass was one of the best ever experiences in my carrier as a urologist. The workshop which featured case presentations by the fellows was fantastic and well organised and served as an eye opener regarding the management of urological patients in different countries. I presented a case on testicular tuberculosis and received enthusiastic comments from my co-fellows. The discussion also prompted us to share our hospital experiences.”

Dr Francisco Dos Santos Botelho (PT)
“One remarkable feature of this masterclass was its truly international audience with fellows from almost 30 different countries who shared various viewpoints and experiences. There was also easy access to faculty members, enabling the participants to discuss issues or ask follow-up questions.”

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